What’s That I See?… Art in the Trees!

The Helderberg-Hudson Rail Trail, which runs from South Pearl Street in Albany to Main Street in Voorheesville, has been getting some improvements. Last month, the South End Bikeway Connector was completed, linking the Rail Trail to the Mohawk-Hudson Bike Path in Downtown Albany. Then, this month, food trucks were added along the trail, making it an even more welcoming route for walkers and riders.

Now, you can also find art. Not simply the murals that one would see on the buildings and bridges along the trail or the chalk drawings on the path. There are actual painted art pieces displayed in the trees.

According to Art on the Rail Trail (ART), these pieces of work were created by artist Susan Togut. The artwork is literally hanging in the trees along the part of the trail between Main Street and Grove Street in Voorheesville.

The art work is currently on display for all to enjoy; however, a press conference will be held on Tuesday, August 18th at 5:30 p.m. at the Albany County Rail Trail Pavilion to officially unveil the work.



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