Even without in-person, end of the school year events, there’s no doubt that Summer 2020 has arrived. The last few days have been downright swampy and the hum of window ac units nearly drowns out the noise of cars on the Thruway 3 blocks away from my house. Yes, indeed, it’s summer in upstate New York.

This fleeting season is celebrated and honored in many different ways. There are tans and golf games to work on, hill challenges to be met on bike or foot, and gardens to be tended. Even though the days are longer, they continue to pass far too quickly and you and I both know that summers around here are fast and demand to be appreciated.  Maybe you choose to demonstrate your gratitude for warm weather by building a deck or grilling up a batch of your famous chicken, but, my approach is a little different. My personal summer superpowers involve salads. And sundresses.

I don’t know about you, but I was raised on iceberg lettuce and tomatoes that came three in a package and wrapped in cellophane. For many years I believed I didn’t like salad. Now I know that I just don’t like flavorless, insipid salads.

It’s impossible to pinpoint when my feelings about salads changed. It may have been the first time I tasted a tomato plucked off the vine and popped into my mouth. Perhaps it was the Caesar salad prepared tableside by John Radley at the original Yono’s location or the supremely simple pairing of arugula, olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon and a generous dusting of pecorino that I ate in a piazza in Luca years ago, but my opinion of salads has done a full 180. As I’ve been prone to hashtag on Instagram, my #saladgameisstrong.

Here’s some evidence to back up my claim. Take note of the disparate ingredients and be inspired by the knowledge that just about anything can go in and on a salad. Some of my favorite items to add include nuts, dried fruit, avocados,  eggs in various formats and cheese.

Now, summer dressing, unrelated to salads, is one of my favorite parts of the season. The ease of dressing on a hot day can be a true delight when you have a virtual closet full of pretty and cool attire from which to choose. When the temperature soars into the high 90s, nothing feels better than a light cotton or linen dress skimming the body, bra optional.

Sundresses are my spirit animal and this year I have worn some really spectacular garments thanks to Rent the Runway. My personal wardrobe contains a few favorites that I still enjoy wearing, but summer clothing really takes a beating and I do appreciate cycling new looks through my closet without committing to a purchase. Check out some of my recent choices, all delivered to my door.

While all four seasons are the same length of time, summer always flies. What are you doing to make this one count? How do you flex your summer muscles? We’re always happy to hear from you, so share in comment.