The Mix for the Week of June 1, 2020: Albany Public Library’s Scott Jarzombek, Bow Tie Cinemas’ Joe Masher

This week on The Mix, Liz, Joe, and regular contributor Silvia Lilly discussed what happened in the week, including the debate regarding use of Albany’s Capital Hills golf course.

This episode’s guests are:

Scott Jarzombek (start listening at 13:00) grew up as a loyal patron of his local public library, spending the bulk of his childhood poring over history books and attending comic book club. During high school, Scott combined his penchant for skateboarding and music with his interest in multimedia and photography as a member of the school library’s audiovisual club. During his junior year of college he became a “jack of all trades” for his college library director, which led him to apply to SUNY Albany’s Library Science Program. During his second semester in library school, Scott was hired at Albany Public Library and worked here as branch librarian for nine years. After leaving the organization in 2009 to develop his career, he returned to Albany in 2014 as the executive director.

Joe Masher (start listening at 27:44) is the chief operating officer of Bow Tie Cinemas, a four-generation family-owned movie theater company that is also North America’s oldest operating theater circuit. Masher is also president of the National Association of Theatre Owners of New York State (NATO NYS), serves as treasurer of national NATO and sits on the Government Relations Committee and the Political Action Committee for that organization.

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