Change of season

Now that the golf course is once again open and essentially off limits, I’ve been seeking other fresh air venues for fun and exercise. On Saturday, the very first day of summer, a friend and I rode our bikes to Troy and visited the Farmer’s Market. Despite not having made a reservation, we were able to line up and enter the river front market where I scored some beautiful asparagus that once again made me wish for my very own magical asparagus patch. Even on the hottest of days, there’s always a breeze down by the Hudson, making for a lovely ride.

The Opalka Gallery hosted a pop up event later that same day that included beverages from Troy’s Rare Form Brewing and food from Restaurant Navona, along with a terrific performance from the Magdalens. Free and outdoors, and cosponsored by local independent radio station WEXT, it attracted a small, but enthusiastic group and will undoubtedly continue to grow as the season progresses. Check out the complete events calendar here.

As I write this, the fresh sunburn on my back, (and the tops of my feet), feels like a small price to pay for Monday’s three great hours on the water. A friend and I went paddle boarding on the Fish Creek, renting boards from the Kayak Shak with an attempt at getting there and out early. For a couple of teachers on their first official day of summer break, 10:00 was our goal.


A reservation was made (3 hour board rental/paddle/life vest was $27 per person) and we were on the water by 10:15. I haven’t been on the Fish Creek since summer 2018, although I’ve generally enjoyed being on the water there over the years, and it felt good to be back.

Last year, I skipped it for what I’m sure will sound like a remarkably shallow reason… the truth is, I paddle boarded a couple of time last summer in Greece and I just couldn’t see myself going in to the August weeds situation that is the Fish Creek in late summer, after having been able to look clear to the bottom of the Mediterranean from a ten foot distance. Had I gone last summer, after I returned from Paros, I’m afraid I never would have gone paddle boarding on that creek again.

But, it’s nearly a year since I was in Greece and after multiple fits and starts, I’ve finally accepted I won’t be visiting Greece this summer. The memory of last summer’s idyllic afternoon spent in a cove near a taverna that rented chaises lounges and umbrellas, and was happy to serve you wine and food, is fading. Next year, hopefully, I’ll have another opportunity to enjoy an island beach.

The paddle yesterday was great, particularly since it was my friend’s very first time experiencing the sport. There aren’t as many active 50 somethings as you might imagine and I’m always happy to expand my outdoors recreation circle of friends. As most of us realize, this season is very different from others we’ve known. The research seems pretty definitive that maintaining social distance, wearing masks and visiting with friends outdoors are three pretty simple ways to minimize risk of contracting COVID-19. May as well go with it and stay healthy.

It’s summer, people, the season we all dream about during our long winter months. What outdoors activities are you taking part in? When was the last time you tried something new? Why not explore some local recreational options since none of us are getting to Greece, or perhaps anywhere else, this summer. Maybe this could end up being your season.



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