Let me begin by saying I hope you and yours are managing during this difficult time. I know a situation like this current pandemic can devastate lives in a million different ways. Please reach out if you’re overwhelmed and need assistance. There are people who want to help. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been more aware of the cleanliness of my hands and the proximity of something to use to cover my mouth and nose. These weeks of social distancing have resulted in my paying attention to each time I do NOT touch my face. Honestly, I can’t believe how many times I pull my hand back from my bare face in a given day!

My understanding of mask regs is as follows: all people ages 2 and up in NYS must wear a mask when they are outside of their home and can not maintain a minimum six foot buffer between themselves and anyone with whom they do not cohabitate. That’s what I’ve read and heard and how I’ve interpreted what the governor has said.

There’s been some social media stuff about businesses mandating that customers must wear a mask when they enter the premises, and the response from those who feel they’re being denied their rights to free choice. Ironically, these are frequently the same people who are morally offended when a woman wants to wield the same autonomy over her own body, but I digress.

51DE0AD9-457D-4A68-82C7-B48F6D098981I’ve noticed numerous local grocery stores and wine shops with signs requiring masks, which seems an easy and simple request to make during this pandemic. The protection offered from wearing a mask, makes Vice-President Pence’s decision to not wear a mask while visiting the Mayo Clinic yet another inexplicable lapse in judgement from the current administration.


No masks. 

Governor Cuomo explicitly said that it is not necessary to wear a mask while hiking, unless the six foot distance could not be maintained. I understood that recommendation to be consistent when walking or bike riding. I enjoy each of these activities and am conscientious about having a face mask available should I encounter others along my path. As the governor said, wearing a mask is something we do for others, not for ourselves.

On a recent walk out at Albany Muni, I made a point to observe what the mask wearing situation was there during my 75 minute visit. When I arrived, there were three small groups of people – 2 women with a dog, 2 men and a small child, and a single man. None wore masks or even had them visibly available.

I headed clockwise towards the back nine and encountered a couple of solitary runners and walkers, as Jeter and I made our way down to the Normanskill and back to the clubhouse. When I crossed paths with someone, I lifted my mask to my face and gave a wide berth to the other person. One other person did the same.

I’ve read posts from people ranting about others who do not wear masks at any and all times that they are outdoors. I don’t know. That seems a little extreme to me, assuming one is maintaining a six foot radius of distance and has a mask readily available. I’ve tried running with a mask on and find it incredibly difficult, so I have one around my neck and ready to slip over my face. I much prefer to just keep crossing the street to avoid any other pedestrians. Because while I might be getting myself some exercise, I’m also considering your health.

Did I cover* everything? Maybe you have something to add? Make a comment. I’m interested to learn what you’re thinking.

*See what I did there?