Porch season doesn’t kick off on a defined date. It happens when the sun lovingly warms the earth enough that it feels like the entire world adores you and is giving you a giant hug.

Yes, it has been cooler-than-average out there, and we’ve even seen some snow. But warmer weather is in the forecast…honest.

When that happens, the dedicated disciples of porch season, those who take it so seriously that “porching” becomes a verb, find their way to their porch or patio and get things underway.

Ideally porch season is kicked off with a cocktail (or your indulgent beverage of choice) and as many people that you can squeeze onto your porch as possible. Clearly, one of those things can’t happen in the same way right now. But that does not mean that you should pass up the opportunity to indulge in a specialty cocktail.

For me, the official “Porch Kick-off Cocktail” must involve Prosecco. After this, I let inspiration direct me. This year, digging out my herb garden had me elbow deep in early mint and I wanted to make sure that got included in some way.

As so, I present to you: The Mae.

The Mae is adapted from “The Mae Mae” by @stylegathering. Mint is the only addition to their recipe, but it’s a really lovely one. Recipe is below. Enjoy it when the weather is so lovely your breath is taken away and you can’t help but spend some time sitting on a porch wrapped up in it all. I highly recommend adding in a virtual gathering with some fellow porchers. Laughter with friends is the perfect accompaniment to the most wonderful time of the year.

The Mae

Adapted from @stylegathering


1 shot (1.5 ounces) vodka- I used Tito’s but any high quality vodka that you like will do

1 tbsp St. Germaine Elderflower Liquor

Juice from a lemon wedge, roughly a scant tbsp- I used ¼ of a lemon and it was perfect for me, but

others might not love that much lemon

Several sprigs mint


Lemon twist and mint sprig for garnish


– Shake the vodka, St. Germaine, lemon juice, and mint in a cocktail shaker with ice until chilly

– Strain into a flute

– Top with sparkling wine- my go to is always prosecco and my favorite brand is San Marco, remember a split is handy for two cocktails. There’s also now canned prosecco which I have yet to fully explore but might be really handy in prosecco cocktail situations!

– Garnish with a lemon twist and a mint sprig

Don’t worry, this recipe easily adapts to a crowd, because eventually, we’ll need all the crowded porching we can get.