Since we’re all, much valued essential workers aside, spending a lot more time at home these days, I thought it might be beneficial to compile a collection of recommendations for quality entertainment. I’ll get things started with a few programs that I’ve enjoyed recently.

The Stranger (Netflix) – During these dark days it’s kind of nice to escape via a suspenseful tale well told. The writer of this British eight episode series, Harlen Coben, is one of my favorite suspense novelists and I really enjoyed losing myself in this multifaceted tale. Watching this made me more than a little uncomfortable about what a determined person might be able to glean about individuals using modern technology. Creepy.

Unorthodox (Netflix) – I’m only two episodes in, aka halfway, but this compelling series is pretty damn riveting. Growing up quite close to Kiryas Joel down in Orange County, I’m somewhat familiar with Orthodox Jews, but this memoir based program really provides tremendous insight into a culture that is incredibly insular. Bonus that much of it was shot in Berlin, a city I visited a couple of years ago. I’ll try to pace myself…

Schitt’s Creek (PopTV)- If you’re looking for a more humorous reprieve from our current shared situation, this is what you want to see! The dialogue, characters and relationships can’t help but make one smile. I apologize for being so very late to the game on this show, but am so appreciative to the people who created this epically funny series. I haven’t yet had access to season 6, but I will eventually savor it like a fine wine – or cheap beer on a hot day.

Little Fires Everywhere (HULU) – Kerry Washington, you are an amazing actor! Having never seen Scandal, I had no idea what Washington brings to a performance and I couldn’t be more impressed. This drama, set in the late 90s in a picturesque suburb of Cleveland, depicts the lives of Mia (Washington), a single mom artist and Elena (Reese Witherspoon), a married mom, part time journalist. Mia’s lives a vagabond life with her daughter while Elena, in typical Witherspoon fashion, is an ultra scheduled, control freak trying to maintain the impression that she lives the perfect life. This series is ongoing with new episodes scheduled to air weekly throughout the month of April.

Bombshell (Amazon) – While I did see a number of recent movies in the theater,* I wasn’t really interested to see this one on the big screen. I’m not a fan of Fox News or Megyn Kelly, but found the cast appealing so I bucked up and purchased streaming access the other night. After watching the movie, I still despise Fox News, but I did gain a glimmer of respect for Kelly. Charlize Theron turned in a great performance and I only wish that Roger Ailes had lived longer. He deserved to be the target of disdain for far longer than he experienced.

So, tell me – what are you watching? It looks like we’re going to be home for a minimum of a few more weeks and I’m looking for your suggestions.

*When I say “theater” I mean the Spectrum on Delaware Avenue. It’s my go to and the only place I’ll ever buy popcorn.