This week on The Mix, Liz and Joe discuss their own updates regarding their lives in the age of coronavirus.

This episode’s guests are:

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul (start listening at 14:30) is the 77th lieutenant governor of the State of New York. A lifelong New Yorker, she was born and raised in a blue-collar Irish Catholic family in Buffalo that instilled a deep passion for public service and activism. She continued that fighting spirit as a student organizer, as a young attorney and aide to Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, and then as a member of her Town Board, Erie County Clerk, and as a Member of Congress, she joins us today on the Mix.

Jaqi Cohen (start listening at 34:45) is a mass transit advocate for New York City, currently working as the Campaign Director for the NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign, fighting for a more equitable transit system, cleaner environment, and affordable higher education. She is also a weekly contributor to ‘Be Heard Talk’ on WHCR in Harlem, for which she earned a 2016 New York Press Club award for best radio commentary.

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