Have you thought you might be living in an episode of Black Mirror or the Twilight Zone?

For one Capital Region business owner, it might be the case.

August Rosa, who owns Pint Sized in both downtown Albany and downtown Saratoga Springs, recorded his own version of the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone, which interestingly enough entitled “Where Is Everybody.” Airing first on October 2, 1959, the episode featured an Air Force pilot going through a sensory deprivation exercise for an astronaut fitness test.

Here is the synopsis for the Pint Sized video:

August Rosa, owner of Pint Sized, a place that has really good beer, finds himself alone in upstate New York. He wanders through downtown Albany and Saratoga Springs trying to find a living soul. The barrier of loneliness: the palpable, desperate need of the human animal to be with his fellow man. Up there, up there in the vastness of space, in the void that is sky, up there is an enemy known as isolation. It sits there in the stars waiting, waiting with the patience of eons, forever waiting… in the Twilight Zone.

And here’s the video – you can also find it available on Pint Sized’s Facebook page: