I’m not the first person to say it, but we’re living in some strange times. I know there are no guarantees in life, but I still approach every day with the optimism that I will make it through and return to whatever normalcy my life possesses. With that, I’ve taken to putting together a list of things to do when we get back to that.

Before we get into my post-pandemic to-do list, there are a few things I’m doing now to keep from straying too far from my routine. I set the alarm every morning, I shower and put on real clothes and makeup, as if I’m going to work, and then I get to work, albeit from home these days. When the day comes to go back to my office, I’d hate to find out that none of my clothes fit and I’ve forgotten how to draw on a cat eye.

Now that we have that out of the way, without further ado, here is my list:

1) Make a hair appointment. For years I colored my own hair and would just go to some random place to get a trim, if I couldn’t convince my husband to cut it for me. Then about five years ago I decided it was time to go to a salon and have a proper cut and color.

I found Christy at Mane Street and have been loyal to her ever since. It was just about time for a touch-up when New York went on pause, so I broke down and did it myself from a box. It turned out okay but let’s just say I am very much looking forward to seeing Christy again. And I hope she will forgive me for whatever I did (and may still do) to my hair while quarantined.

2) Run a real 5K. Loyal CivMixers might remember that I set an ambitious 5K goal for 2020. I was planning to run the OK 5K on June 6 and should have started training at the end of March. Now the race has been canceled for this year, and I’m left wondering if I should still train and run a loop by myself on that date, or if I just bag the whole thing and look for something in the fall. I’m leaning towards an abbreviated training cycle, practice 5K in early June as a time trial, and then start training for real in July for a September race.

3) Have a party. Last June, we threw what may have been the best party we ever put on. The weather was perfect, the food was excellent, and the playlist fit the spirit of the day. We only had one no-show, and only one person drank too much wine.

Looking back I know lightning doesn’t strike twice, but I was hoping to have a party on June 6, thinking if I hit my 5K goal I’d want to celebrate, and if I failed miserably it might be nice to have some people around to keep me from wallowing in my sorrows. Now that I know I won’t be running a real 5K that day and having no idea what life will look like then, I’m hesitant to set the plans in motion. But even if it just ends up being two people who stop by for a cookout on the porch, there will be a gathering of some sort at our house again one day.

4) Eat some food at some restaurants. Sure, there are places open for takeout and delivery, and I’ve done some of that, but sometimes food is best enjoyed at the establishment where it was prepared. There are a few places that come to mind for me.

Boice Brothers Dairy in Kingston is my go-to ice cream shop, although it is a bit of a drive, it’s totally worth it. They have cow statues outside and it’s completely acceptable to sit on them.

I’m also looking forward to grabbing a soup and sandwich from the Cascades in Hudson. It’s just a cozy lunch place and I usually end up doing some window shopping on Warren Street afterwards. Finally, I just started a new job in Lee and before I got a chance to really check out the area, everything shut down. I’m looking forward to sampling the local fare.

5) New York City. I make at least one trip per year to the city, and usually I go in the spring. I just take the train down, pick a random neighborhood, and spend the day walking around, shopping and eating. Always eating. And usually I bring home some more food as well. I don’t know when I’ll get back there, but New York is definitely on my mind.

So there you have it, my post-pandemic to-do list. It was a fun distraction to put together, but I am
confident I’ll get these things checked off. What’s on your list?