I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time distinguishing from work and, well, everything else.

It’s tough to create a work/life balance when work IS life because home and office are one and the same.

Yes, yes, I know about boundaries and schedules and carving out “me” time. If I’m being completely honest, I prefer to be working all the time, because it makes me feel lucky – lucky to have a job and have something to keep me occupied other than obsessively reading through the latest news…all of which is more or less horrifying.

So, to be clear, I’m not complaining, just observing this interesting new phenomenon.

And speaking of the news…let’s get to it.

1) President Donald Trump tried to distance himself from his suggestion yesterday that people infected with COVID-19 consider injecting sunlight or disinfectant into their bodies, claiming that his comments were merely sarcasm meant to rile up reporters.

This came a little too late, however, as Maryland’s Emergency Management Agency claimed that it had received “more than 100” calls with people asking questions about this supposed “treatment” since the president discussed it.

“We have received several calls regarding questions about disinfectant use and Covid-19,” Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MDMEMA) tweeted. “This is a reminder that under no circumstances should any disinfectant product be administered into the body through injection, ingestion or any other route.”

And the manufacturer of Lysol, a disinfectant spray and cleaning product, took the president seriously enough to issue a statement warning against any internal use.

Meanwhile, a clip of Dr. Deborah Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, looking pained as she listened to Trump wonder if sunlight exposure and injecting the human body with disinfectants could be used to combat COVID-19 went viral.

Instead, it appears Trump conflated and misinterpreted scientific information discussed with him in the Oval Office before the daily briefing, according to the officials.

2) In some more positive (relatively speaking) news, the president has signed a nearly half-trillion-dollar coronavirus relief bill that replenishes money for small-business loans to prevent layoffs.

The $484 billion bill is the fourth large coronavirus deal and revives the Small Business Administration’s Paycheck Protection Program, which ran out of funds last week, and also includes $75 billion for hospitals and $25 billion for COVID-19 testing.

Trump, speaking at a White House event to sign the measure, pushed back against any assistance for the U.S. Postal Service unless it raised prices for its package shipping service, which is used by Amazon and other companies.

3) In the face of a dangerous uptick of domestic violence incidents, Gov. Andrew Cuomo today announced the immediate modernization of the state’s domestic violence hotline with a new text program and confidential online service to aid victims of abuse and provide potential lifesaving ways to get help.

New Yorkers seeking help can text 844-997-2121 or chat with a professional on the new confidential website at www.opdv.ny.gov. The text and online services will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with OPDV staff who are experts in the area of domestic violence.

4) Sports fans are really jonesing for something to watch while their teams are in lockdown due to the pandemic. So much so, that the first round of the NFL Draft last night – the first “virtual” selection in the draft’s 85 years in existence was watched by 15.6 million viewers, easily breaking the previous record set in 2014 record of 12.4 viewers.

With no live games available since mid-March, sports fans looked to the draft for some normalcy.

I’m not a football person myself. Never could get a handle on how the game works. But if you’re into it, check out some coverage here, here, and here.

5) In some non-virus news, check out this fun video featuring some of my former female media colleagues. Cheers, ladies. Keep doing what you do.

Photo credit: George Fazio.