Travel in the time of Corona

This Coronavirus situation continues to spiral with a rapidly expanding vortex of closures, cancellations and postponements. I need to spend some researching other widespread health crises in history because I’ve never seen anything like it. The closest in my recollection, would have to be the AIDS epidemic in the early 90s. Just like HIV, Coronavirus is wildly frightening and feels very out of control.

Also, just like HIV, I’ve escaped to a tremendous extent being the target demographic for this illness. I’m not as old as the most affected part of the population, nor do I have preexisting conditions such as asthma or respiratory issues. While I most certainly do not feel unthreatened or immune to Coronavirus, I also don’t feel overly concerned about contracting it myself.

My last exposure to large crowds with any real proximity was weeks ago in NYC on the subway and at the opera. I’m pretty certain I’d be displaying or experiencing some symptoms at this point. While I would hate to be a silent transmitter of the virus, I don’t think there are any compelling reasons for me to self quarantine or completely abandon my regular routines. I’m still going to yoga and appointments and work as normal with some added precautions such as nearly obsessive hand washing and avoiding contact with surfaces that are typically touched/handled by the public.

I’m supposed to fly south this weekend for a quick getaway. This is a trip I rescheduled last month after the weather delayed my flight for hours creating what I felt to be a too diminished window for actually relaxing at my eventual destination. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing friends and am now left to make the decision as to whether to follow through with my intended plans or not. I’ve still got a little time to make my choice and am doing my best to be informed about the situation. While I know I wouldn’t consider getting on a cruise ship, something I have no interest in doing in the most ideal of circumstances, it seems that planes are still flying and I’m sure the hospitality industry would welcome any money I spend in these difficult times.

A canceled brief late winter trip is a bummer, but I can take it or leave it as the situation demands. I’m much more concerned about a trip that is scheduled for later in the year. That vacation involves multiple cities in a couple of countries, a number of travel companions, lots of meticulous, advance planning and a substantial financial commitment. If giving up Florida now gets me a better shot at Europe later, I’ll stay in town this weekend without hesitation – and order lots of takeout from local, independent restaurants.

How are you dealing with this legitimate pandemic? Have you canceled or rescheduled travel plans?



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