Meniscus Surgery – The Dirty (Baker’s) Dozen

  1. The post-op discomfort has been primarily from bruising. Some from the actual procedure, like where my leg was “clamped” to keep it still, while other tenderness is caused by my leg muscles as it they balance between my normal gait and the necessary modifications from the swelling in my knee.
  2. The swelling was kind of intense – especially the night I stupidly wore skinny, velveteen pants and ended up feeling like a mold covered sausage. Ice helps. I probably should have used it more often.
  3. Crutches are awkward to use, but they do buy you some sympathy and, more importantly, some distance.
  4. A prescription for 12 Hydrocodone pills seems excessive. Why not start with 4? PS – I only took one. The rest will be returned to the pharmacy for disposal.
  5. Tights, socks and shoes are all a challenge to put on.
  6. A pillow between my legs helped make me comfortable for sleeping.
  7. The first week post-surgery was the first time I really missed the ease of driving an automatic. It’s my clutch knee!
  8. My meniscus wasn’t repaired, it was “cleaned“ up. Feeling reasonably certain that I couldn’t undo any of the surgeon’s work helped make me confident to walk sooner (and further) than I otherwise might have.
  9. I returned to work 6 days post-op. If I hadn’t been on a school break, I probably would have gone back in about half that time.
  10. My first day back at school was the same day I gave up using a cane. Walking more slowly, but independently, seemed a positive progression.
  11. The second weekend after surgery Jeter and I walked the back 9 at Muni. That felt like an accomplishment.
  12. Yesterday, 12 days after my left knee arthroscopy procedure, I was able to walk up stairs “normally” for the first time. Going down stairs is still a challenge which requires more of a shuffle than a step. I’ll get there.
  13. Speaking of getting there, I went to a yoga class Sunday evening. I modified everything I felt I needed to and when there were poses I wasn’t capable of doing, I simply did my MD recommended exercises. I felt fantastic.



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