Launching our first podcast, The Mix

CivMixers, we come to you bringing tiding of audio joy during these uncertain times. We have launched the first of what we hope to be a set of podcasts that will be available here on

The Mix, featuring Liz Benjamin and Joe Bonilla, will feature discussions about what’s happening in our community and our world – while also talking with newsmakers, regular folks, and voices in-between. Each episode will be available each Monday exclusively at first on and soon on major podcast platforms on a device near you.

Take a listen and let us know what you think, what we should talk about, and who we should bring on.




  1. Willie Janeway

    Liz, Great to hear you again. You and Joe provide excellent perspective and insights. Thank you. Be safe. Stay healthy.

  2. Michael Benjamin

    I knew you couldn’t stay completely away from doing media. CivMix is my new favorite morning newsletter. Stay strong in the tough days ahead.


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