Being Clean and Dry Isn’t Necessarily Cheap

Can you believe winter is nearly over? That went fast. Kind of in the same way money has been flying out of my checking account, like really, really fast.

It all started with the leaky shower, ultimately diagnosed as a failure of the grout rather than a more serious issue.

When I awoke to the sound of water dripping just a few days prior to Christmas (and a trip to the West Coast), I freaked. I was convinced the sh*tty neo-angle model shower installed 21 years ago was coming through the ceiling. Fortunately, that didn’t happen. Instead something I really haven’t liked in a long time is being replaced with a much better quality upgrade. Winning, right?

2020 dawned with opportunity and a new drip – this time three floors down in my basement. One of the two hot water heaters was preparing fail. When I noticed the small puddle underneath what turned out to be my tenant’s hot water heater, I felt like a real veteran homeowner for one of the only times in my life.

Wasn’t that astute of me to recognize the small problem which promised to get bigger? Luckily, the one month a year that has three paychecks was January and I was able absorb the unexpected expense of purchasing and professionally installing a new hot water heater – and still managed to paid my taxes on time.

February was a quick month that ended without the need to visit the plumbing section of Lowe’s. But you know how things come in threes, don’t you? The very first Sunday of March got me back in the game when my 12+ year-old dryer failed to respond when I pushed the button that had previously always turned it on.

I immediately checked the breaker box and found nothing out of place – a move I was proud to have thought of and taken. Next step was Googling and YouTube where I quickly realized my homeowner skills and tool box alike were both sadly lacking.

I started considering what my best play was – a repair or a replacement, deciding pretty quickly that a new machine would probably be the better option. It would certainly be more energy efficient, and who knew what might next go wrong with an appliance that is a dozen years old?

While my first impulse was to go to Lowe’s – again – I ultimately made my purchase at a local spot instead – Cocca’s. They had what I wanted at a fair price and could get it in my basement and installed in two days. Plus, they offer an extended warranty.

I couldn’t be happier with the service or my new dryer.

Winter was kind of a bust this year in terms of snow, but I’ve got a few new household items to remind me of the traditionally cold and wet season on which we’ve just about closed the door. Fingers crossed that spring comes with a garden of  imported tulip bulbs successfully blooming instead of a house filled with more domestic equipment failures.



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