12 Coronavirus Pandemic Symptoms


  1. Pervasive feeling grey sky.
  2. Getting dressed at 8:00. That’s p.m.
  3. Discarded face masks and disposable gloves littering the street.
  4. A sense of dystopian existence. If I let my mind go, I start thinking about the internet and electric grid going down…
  5. Walking sheepishly past people as you each try to maintain an acceptable distance from each other.DB42FD57-9679-4373-8134-0587E3CB9601
  6. Escaping the reality of the news that is so deadly serious with alcohol and other substances of choice.
  7. Being acutely conscious of home paper goods supplies.
  8. Not being able to sleep.
  9. Being afraid to read the newspaper.
  10. Reminding yourself repeatedly that it isn’t necessary to purchase more than is necessary. That impulse to stockpile serves no one.
  11. An internal conflict between being reasonable and just indulging hedonistic desires.
  12. Looking forward to finally falling back to sleep at the time when you’d typically be waking up, hoping for some wildly vivid dreams to escape the present circumstances.



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