10 (Additional, Alternative and Non-Medical) Byproducts of Coronavirus

  • Inability to focus on a task beyond 20 minutes.
  • Changing clothing multiple times a day as a means of identifying what activity one should be doing at a given time.
  • A complete lack of makeup and/or accessories.
  • The tendency to wonder aloud “who the hell is flying?” upon hearing an airplane in the sky above.
  • Intense fear that something terrible will happen to someone you love or RBG.
  • An uncomfortable sense of guilt when considering the many advantages your household has when compared to those of the less fortunate.
  • Spiraling thoughts resulting in mental exhaustion when considering all the people who have and will continue to suffer from this unimagined crisis.
  • Repeated shouting at the radio when listening to the POTUS utter inane, inaccurate and plain old false information.
  • Surprise at how much you miss the most basic physical contact.
  • Deep sadness at the state of our world and the reality of a leader who somehow is interpreting this crisis as a competition amongst countries that can be won.



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