Yoga – Practice Makes Improvement

I’m two months into my unlimited yoga membership and I am definitely getting my money’s worth, attending an average of four classes a week. The quality of instructors, variety of classes and location options really make it easy to grab a class at a convenient time, even with a somewhat irregular schedule.

I miss running, especially as the days are growing longer. My knee, diagnosed by MRI as a “complex meniscus tear,” is holding me back and I’m hoping to finally get a game plan for recovery/repair when I see the surgeon on Monday. Jeter and I have been getting to the golf course a few days a week and taking long walks. Sometimes I feel some pain while walking, but usually the real discomfort comes afterwards when my knee just aches. 
Sitting around is not in my genetic make up, though, so I push on.
After two months of yoga, I feel and see some changes in my body. My arms and shoulders are stronger and visibly more toned. I can actually chaturanga, although not countless times. I’m good for 4 or 5 quality transitions before I default to my knees, preferring form over function. Each time I nail the lowering of my chest to the floor with my elbows tucked tightly into my side, I’m a little thrilled. It’s really hard and I’ve never had exceptional upper body strength, but I’m getting there.
My abs are tighter, due to the 75 minute core flow class I’ve been taking. This class is no joke! Watching men with impressive biceps and pecs struggle to complete the tortuous series of poses and flows definitely helps keep me inspired. 
My weight has remained consistent, with my typical 2-3 pound fluctuation. I can’t deny that I obsess a tad about the numbers on my scale, even though I intellectually understand that weight does not necessarily indicate health or wellness.  
Speaking of wellness, I’m finding it easier to get on and stay on my mat mentally. Yoga is about movement, but also stillness. Sometimes that can be the hardest part, at least for me. Other people, namely those who insist upon talking prior to the beginning of class or who for some bizarre reason bring their phones in the studio, must be struggling with that aspect of practice also. 

Ideally, I’d be alternating yoga and some sort of cardio activity, but since that isn’t possible at this time I’ll take what I can get. My plan is to just keep breathing, whether I’m on my feet or my mat.

Are you working on or towards any exercise goals? How’s it going?



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