Saint Motel Swings Upstate

The upstate music scene is in for a treat tomorrow.

While we won’t be visited by some big name like Ariana Grande or the Jonas Brothers (sadly), if you’re up for something truly different, you should really check out Saint Motel.

An indie pop band from Los Angeles, Saint Motel emits a casual vibe that’s largely absent here on the East Coast. The majority of their songs are upbeat and carefree – even songs with titles like “Destroyer,” “To My Enemies,” and “Dear Dictator,” which delve into darker, more serious narratives.

The lead vocalist, A.J Jackson, does an excellent job narrating his stories without straying from his role as a good-natured storyteller, almost like he’s recounting an insane tale between friends over a drink or two.

To some, this refusal to deviate from the norm is tiring. Yet this is one of the band’s core strengths. The subject material of Saint Motel’s lyrical work is far from tame. Their songs cover topics such as plastic surgery (“Puzzle Pieces”), LGBTQA relationships (“Butch”), and societal pressures (“Do Everything Now”) – subject matter that’s rarely discussed in mainstream music without the use of allegories and metaphors.

Do you remember how I mentioned Saint Motel is from Los Angeles? Well, it almost seems as if the band is using its West Coast origins to comment not only on the issues and character of the state of California but also the country at large. But rather than doing so in a series of angry diatribes, we get actual music.

Saint Motel got is start in 2007 when A.J Jackson and the group’s lead guitarist, Aaron Sharp, were attending film school in Southern California. Since they were film students, it was only natural that their first EP ForPlay had music videos tied to each song.

Although the band’s first album, “Voyeur,” was a commercial success, it wasn’t until their second EP, “My Type,” that the band became more exposed. There was also a musical appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and a performances at the 2015 Coachella Musical and Arts Festival.

Additionally, they have toured with well-known bands such as Imagine Dragons, Arctic Monkeys, and Weezer.

So, what brings Saint Motel here? Well, a tour, of course. But rather than gracing the likes of the Times Union Center, Saint Motel will be performing at the Upstate Concert Hall in Clifton Park. And yes, tickets are still available.

If you’re into zany indie rock or looking to expand your music collection, why don’t you give Saint Motel a chance?



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