Manhattan Assemblywoman says Albany restaurant options are “trash”

File this one in the perpetual battle between Upstate and Downstate:

Yuh-Line Niou, a Democratic Assemblywoman representing Chinatown, the Financial District, Battery Park City, and the Lower East Side in Manhattan, tweeted the following:

This is certainly not the first time downstate politicians have taken shots at Albany. The late former mayor of New York City, Ed Koch, in 1982 while running for the Democratic nomination for governor against Mario Cuomo remarked, “Albany is a city without a good Chinese restaurant.” Koch lost the nomination.

In a similar situation, former New York City public advocate Mark Green – before his unsuccessful run for Attorney General against Andrew Cuomo in 2006, had said in 2005 that in affirming his belief then-Mayor Michael Bloomberg wouldn’t run for governor, “Because there aren’t good restaurants in Albany. That’s why. C’mon.” Green, like Koch, lost his primary.

Niou was elected in 2016 to the Assembly seat that had been held by former Speaker Sheldon Silver. 

The reaction from Albany Twitter is as expected, from disgust, suggestions for places to eat, to disappointment:

However, it does appear as Niou has backtracked a bit – highlighting Umana, a Washington Avenue restaurant.



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