Now that got your attention, didn’t it? To be clear, I am speaking about a massage therapist, not a lover. That’s one thing I don’t talk about publicly.

Anyway – the hands of which I’m speaking belong to Open Table Massage’s Myron. I saw him recently for the first time and was super impressed with the work he did on my body, specifically for my legs, hips and pelvis. My muscles felt incredible when he was done and, since our appointment, my knee has been looser than it has been in months.

I’m a big believer in self care and consider exercise, sleep, fresh air and massage to be mandatory for wellbeing. I know that I’m very fortunate to be able to experience all of those things and never take it for granted, just so you know.

Ever since I seriously separated my shoulder about 10 years ago I’ve been pretty committed to a monthly massage with a sports massage therapist. This is not a spa massage with plush white robes and scuffs. No, these massages are designed to release and stretch muscles. Sometimes it hurts – most likely as it is happening, but possibly even for the next few days, similar to the after effects of a challenging workout.

Prior to the “hands on” part of the appointment, Myron and I talked about the history of my body, my discomfort(s) and my goals. He asked about my favored position for sleeping and correctly guessed that I prefer the fetal position.  His approach was professional and respectful. During the hour I was face-down on the table, Myron directed his attention to the hips, which is where we both feel my pain originates.

He discerned that my left hip is the obvious source of the problems I’ve been experiencing. My pelvis also presented as a bit out of whack, a state which he corrected with his skills. There were quite a few muscle “pops” during his ministrations, and I felt physical release repeatedly. You could almost say I was multi…multi… multispasmatic.

After I dressed, we touched* base about the massage, how I was feeling (able to tailor sit evenly with minimal pain) and what I might expect over the next several days. I asked what I might do to help myself, and he responded with practical suggestions. I scheduled an appointment for next month.

I’m seeing my primary doctor soon and may have some imaging done to determine medically what’s going on (overuse or a more substantial injury?). I’ve also been really trying to take up more space in my queen sized bed, stretching myself from fingers to toes, instead of curling myself into a ball. I imagine that no matter what the problem is, massage therapy will be an ongoing part of the solution.

How do you deal with your sports related injuries?

*see what I did there?