Yoga Body

A few years back I attended a high school reunion. One of my strongest memories of the evening was when a classmate noted, as I was changing into a cocktail dress, that I have a “yoga body.”

Truth be told, I was a little disappointed by the observation because I identified more as a runner than a yogi. Then.

My body has been communicating a need to lighten up on running. Feet, hips, knee…I’ve got lots of screaming body parts these days. I haven’t needed to completely stop running, but I do notice that my feet are feeling better with my greatly diminished mileage.

As I’m attempting to better balance my exercise routine, I’ve been getting to yoga more often, which has been really positive. My hips aren’t hurting as much and the fibromas on my feet aren’t flaring up as they had been. Not running my typical miles, while continuing to eat and drink whatever I like, though, has resulted in my carrying an extra five pounds or so, which isn’t making me happy. Now.

Since my body presently can’t take the demands of running (and I really like food and wine), my only solution is more yoga – more classes and more variety, specifically. So, I’m mixing it up by taking new-to-me classes like Barre Bootcamp, Iron Yoga and Barkan and planning to take at least 3 classes a week.

Luckily for me, my health insurance plan offers a benefit for working out. If I attend 50 classes in 6 months CDPHP will pay me $200, which makes the one year of unlimited yoga (assuming I take 100 classes in a year) a reasonable $700.

Don’t get me wrong, laying out $1,100 for a year of yoga is a big expense, but I’m going to think of it more as an investment in my mental and physical health than as a wild indulgence. I’m curious to see how my body responds to the shift from running to yoga. Will my weight be impacted? What about changes in muscle tone? How much of a difference in my body can I expect to see, and equally important, feel?

While many people save their resolutions for the new year, I began my year of unlimited yoga on December 1st. I find the holidays much more enjoyable when I’m feeling healthy and physically active, so having a plan in place will help with that.

I plan to spend the next twelve months paying close attention to how my body responds to more yoga and less running, while also trying to more mindfully reside in (and appreciate) the body I presently have. Yoga body or not.



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