Holiday Spotlight: Assemblywoman Pat Fahy

If you’re out and about on the regular in the City of Albany, then chances are that you’ve run into Assemblywoman Pat Fahy – likely more than once.

The Albany Democrat has represented the city as well as the towns of Bethlehem, Guilderland, and New Scotland since she was elected in 2012, prior to which she served on the Albany School Board. Fahy is a passionate education advocate, and is also big on local job creation.

She’s also indefatigable, somehow seeming to be everywhere at once. And when the weather is good, she often arrives to her destinations on a bike – managing to look pulled together and presentable upon arrival. Amazing. I don’t know how she does it.

Fahy was kind enough to participate in CivMix’s holiday Q-and-A. Here are her responses:

What one thing would your holiday be incomplete without?

“An airplane. I travel back to Chicago each year to see family – though this year we will keep moving to Indianapolis. Airports & travel are hectic but love the family time!

Share your favorite holiday memory or gift you received/gave.

A red radio flyer wagon – per my request to Santa in order to carry my younger siblings to the park. Got the wagon and still love taking kids to parks!

If you could have one person living or dead at your holiday table, who would it be and why?

My younger brother, Stephen J. Fahy, who we lost to cancer nine years ago. Miss him, his humor, and his doting/teasing/harassing of my kids and his many nieces & nephews.

What’s at the top of your list to give and/or get this year?

“Stocking stuffers will be bamboo toothbrushes – a sustainability reminder. (I can’t wait to hear the ‘feedback’ on this one!)”

What’s your wish for 2020?

“Peace in our hearts and in the world…Oh, and a new president!”



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