It’s just shy of 4 a.m. as I sit down to write this, and the dog and I have returned from a brief stroll outdoors. There was nothing falling from the sky as we slowly made our way to the bottom of the front lawn and back.

According to The Weather Channel’s hourly report, however, that’s about to change.

A “wintry mix” is scheduled to start falling at 5 a.m., changing over to snow by 6 a.m. and staying that way through about 10 a.m., when things taper off to “snow showers.” A winter weather advisory remains in effect through 10 a.m. for the Capital Region and points north, with slippery conditions likely for the morning commute.

The Western and Northern parts of the state were already getting hit hard in this storm. According to the National Weather Service Buffalo, yesterday’s snowfall totals broke the previous record set 77 years ago by over three inches.

Happy Tuesday, CivMixers! There’s quite a bit happening today, both locally and around the nation (and world)…a random sampling:

The U.S. Supreme Court today is set to take up the Trump administration’s plan to end DACA, which provides protections that shield about 660,000 immigrants from deportation, and legal experts say all eyes will be on the likely tie-breaker Chief Justice John Roberts.

Though Roberts has repeatedly ruled that the president enjoys broad powers when it comes to immigration, he is also one of the few remaining conservative justices who has shown a willingness to side with liberals on high-profile cases.

What’s actually at stake is not just the fate of hundreds of thousands of immigrants who have been in limbo since Trump ended DACA in 2017, but also the ability of a Democratic president (in this case, former President Barack Obama) to implement liberal immigration reforms through executive action.

Federal district courts in California, Maryland, New York and Washington, D.C. have already rejected the administration’s attempt to end the program and ruled that DACA recipients would be allowed to renew their protected status temporarily.

After more than four years of planning and an “unprecedented” marketing campaign from the Walt Disney Company, Disney+ is set to make its debut today.

Following months of delay, Albany County legislators are finally poised to vote today on legislation that would ban the sale of flavored tobacco and e-cigarette products throughout much of the county.

More than three months have gone by since Siena president Brother F. Edward Coughlin died in July at 71 following complications from non-emergency heart surgery. His memory will be honored tonight when the Saints and Bonnies meet in the renewal of the Franciscan Cup men’s basketball rivalry at Times Union Center.

Apparently, it’s Happy Hour Day. Celebrate responsibly, should you choose to mark this one.

In celebrity birthday news, actor Ryan Gosling is turning 39 today. He shares his day with actress Anne Hathaway (37), gymnast Nadia Comaneci (58), figure skater (and knee basher) Tonya Harding (49), folk singer Neil Young (74), and baseball great Sammy Sosa (51).

Actress Grace Kelly was born on this day in 1929, but died in a controversial car crash at the age of 52 on Sept. 13, 1982.

In other news…

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer was slammed by fellow Democrats on Twitter for saying nice things about his retiring New York congressional colleague, Republican Long Island Rep. Pete King.

Schumer credited King with being principled and a person who never let “others push him away from his principles.” He added that King left a “lasting mark,” on America, Long Island and his Irish heritage, which he “fiercely loved.”

Schumer’s pro-King tweet prompted more than 10,000 replies – most of them negative and some downright nasty. Videos of thumbs-downs, eye-rolling and heads shaking “no,” flooded into his feed, as the word “resign” got tossed about.

“Peter King is an Islamophobe who held McCarthyite hearings targeting American Muslims, said ‘there are too many mosques in this country’ and blamed Eric Garner for his own death at the hands of police,” Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar tweeted, adding: “Good riddance.”

The recent stream of Republicans announcing plans to retire in 2020 means GOP lawmakers may be losing hope that there is a path to retaking the majority in the House next November. So far, 20 House GOP lawmakers have announced they won’t seek re-election. Two more have left office already, prompting special elections.

The Trump administration is preparing to significantly limit the scientific and medical research that the government can use to determine public health regulations, overriding protests from scientists and physicians who say the new rule would undermine the scientific underpinnings of government policymaking.

In the three years since his election, President Donald Trump has never been accused of running a cohesive, unified team. But the revelations of recent days have put on display perhaps more starkly than ever the fissures tearing at his administration.

White House acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney plans to file his own lawsuit over testimony in the House impeachment inquiry, withdrawing his bid to join a separate case filed last month by a former Trump adviser, his attorneys said.

Trump returned to his hometown of NYC yesterday to kick off the 100th annual Veterans Day Parade – his second visit to the city since he announced he was making Florida his primary home. He expressed gratitude to American veterans, but also used his remarks to pay tribute to a city where he remains deeply unpopular.

Former President Jimmy Carter – who, at the age of 95, is the longest living president in U.S. history – was hospitalized in Atlanta last night to undergo a procedure this morning intended to relieve pressure on his brain caused by bleeding from recent falls, his office said.

Another government shutdown could be upon us in just 10 days when funding for the country runs out unless Congress passes a spending bill.

Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer was finally ousted from “Dancing With the Stars.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is considering making a late run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020.

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, not far removed from his own failed presidential bid, said there was “no way in the world” that his predecessor in City Hall, Mike Bloomberg, deserved the Democratic nomination for president.

In nearly every measurable way, the Norwegian correctional system is a radical departure from cold, harsh American prisons and jails. Yet those stark differences were exactly what led officials in New York City to travel recently to Norway.

An alleged cult called the Odyssey Study Group, led by 84-year-old actress Sharon Gans, has been operating out of NYC since the 1980s.

An NYPD cop was caught by his own body camera ogling a young woman he described as a “total stripper” following her drunk-driving bust — and the video also shows he lied about her failing a breath test, her defense lawyer claims.

Keith Raniere plans to rely on “facts and evidence” to support his claims that he holds an ownership stake in a Delaware corporation that owns the rights to NXIVM’s ideology. But federal prosecutors say there are no facts. They plan to seize the corporation, First Principles, which they say is legally owned by NXIVM President Nancy Salzman.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo OK’d legislation allowing Navy SEAL Shaun Donovan to join the city’s Fire Department as part of a package of bills he signed Monday commemorating the 100th anniversary of Veterans Day.

The son of a couple who helped kill two cops and a guard in the infamous Brink’s armored-car robbery was elected district attorney of San Francisco. Chesa Boudin learned he won the hotly contested race Saturday — while flying back from visiting his convict dad in an upstate New York prison. His mother was paroled in 2003.

Ex-Cohoes Mayor Shawn Morse drew scrutiny for having several relatives working on the city’s payroll. On Jan. 1, Mayor-elect Bill Keeler will face a similar situation, as his son and daughter are already employed in the police department, but says he won’t meddle in their jobs.

Halfmoon-Waterford Fire Chief Frederick Gaudette has unexpectedly resigned.

Albany International Airport’s new parking system has been causing some confusion and delays.

The new Thruway Capital Region Welcome Center was apparently quite expensive to build.

After three years, the Goose Hill Veterans Memorial in Schenectady was revealed during a ceremony that attracted hundreds of people and a few politicians.

State lawmakers are proposing legislation to create a state-operated private fund to help survivors of child sex crimes pursue civil cases against their alleged abusers.

One person has died after a serious crash in Saratoga County last night when a car drove into a home.

The Madison Theater, which hasn’t sat a movie audience for nearly two years, is reportedly scheduled to reopen next month, along with a restaurant next door.

The German man who spent 40 years searching for his American father and instead found 10 half siblings in Vermont and Washington County, has died just three months after he met them.

Here are photos from Albany’s 64th annual Veterans Day Parade.

A deer made a daring escape after getting trapped in a swimming pool on Staten Island.

Photo credit: George Fazio.