Being Part of the League of Extraordinary Red Heads

Are you aware that less than 2 percent of the entire world’s population is comprised of natural redheads? That’s a legitimate fact.

But many other stereotypes and potential untruths about redheads abound. Supposedly, we possess a high tolerance for pain medications, have a greater likelihood to bleed when injured and lack a soul.

Personally, I’d say two out of three of those are accurate.

How many redheads do you have in your life? There’s a good chance that any of the local ones you might know were in Troy Tuesday evening being fêted as the special human beings we all know them to be.

The event, held at Ryan’s Wake and known as the “Night of the Walking Red VII,” was a gathering of natural redheads, but also welcomed those fortunate enough to have a connection to one. The crowd was, as you might assume, colorful. It was a blast.

I arrived a little before 6:00 p.m. and was immediately welcomed by a crowd of my people. There were gingers of every shade present. The experience of being in a large group of people who have all known the challenges and rewards of being in this ever-so-small demographic was kind of remarkable.

You have to understand, very often we’re the only one of our ilk to be present at events, school and work, surrounded by brunettes and blondes. Needless to say, we stick out.

Have you ever been called “Carrot Top,” or “Red” or “Rusty”? I guarantee you every single titian person at Ryan’s Wake last night has been – and probably more than once.

When you’re a redhead, you’re expected to be fiery in personality with a temper. Obnoxious people you would never consider dating, question you as to whether the drapes and the rug match.

Yes, really.

And if you’re a female, everyone assumes that your name is either Molly or Colleen, both fine names but not my own. Oh – and we’re never supposed to wear pink, yellow or red either. Ever.

Tuesday night, we redheads ruled Troy and it was wonderful. And I wore pink.



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