Photos: Saratoga Auto Auction, 9-20-19

Calling all gearheads, (including a certain governor I know), this one’s for you.

The Saratoga Automobile Museum’s 2019 Saratoga Auto Auction took place this weekend at SPAC. Photographer George Fazio was on hand for the event’s first day and took some amazing shots – if you happen to be a car aficionado, that is, which I am most decidedly not. (I can barely remember the make and model of my own car).

That said, even I can appreciate the significant cool factor of some of wide variety of vehicles that were on display. This is a premier, annual auto sale of classic, rare and collectible vehicles, and this year, there were a record number of lots – approximately 350, up from 300 in 2018.

The auction featured a 1969 Gulf Mirage M2 BRM and a 2008 Ford Ravenhawk. Proceeds from the sale of the Ravenhawk are going directly to the Double H Ranch.

LG Kathy Hochul kicked off Day 2 of the auction yesterday.

New this year was an all-inclusive Auto X Lawn Show near the Spa State Park’s reflecting pool, which took place earlier today. Also today – for one more hour; you can make it if you really hustle! – is a a post-auction sale of vehicles that didn’t sell on the SPAC main stage.

Both of today’s events were free, and attendees were able to enter a drawing for a 2017 Maserati Ghibli. Saratoga Springs Mayor Meg Kelly did the honors when it came to selecting the lucky winner.



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