Vote to choose New York State’s next license plate design

You now have a chance to choose the Empire State’s new license plates.

Today, state officials announced a competition for residents to vote on one of five potential designs for New York State license plates. The current plate design – “Empire Gold” – dates to 2010, was a throwback to the state’s license plate designs of yesteryear. However, controversy brewed due to the design of the plate itself and a $25 reissue fee – thus New York officials at the time allowed motorists who had the prior design – “Empire State” – to keep their plates.

The new plates will be available starting in April 2020.

However, with time, those “Empire State” plates, which were produced from 2001 to 2010, are increasingly showing their age as the materials used for license plates begins to wear off, paint peels, and erosion. DMV encourages those who have damaged plates to replace them.

Voting closes on Monday, Sept. 2, at 11:59 p.m.




  1. Robert Schulz

    First plate and change excelsior to Empire State and put the empire State building on the opposite side of the statue of liberty

    • Jerell

      Bottom right is my favorite

  2. Ned

    Number 3 but can we choose our own background I want to use a pic of my dog. Thanks, -Ned.


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