While You Were Out: July 3, 2019

Well, the long holiday weekend is finally here. And not a moment too soon, since much of social media has been a mess for most of the day.

This is clearly a sign from the cyber gods that we all need to take a deep breath and unplug, stop selfie-ing and gram-ing and Facebook-ing and actually be present for a change. Life is actually happening, even when we aren’t able to document it for everyone else to see.

But, not to worry, Mark Zuckerberg et al says it will all be back to normal soon enough – just in time for all those photos and videos of the BBQ and fireworks and boat rides and hikes and sun bathing and swimming general July 4 mayhem you’ll be experiencing.

Speaking of July 4, not everyone in the military is a fan of the “Salute to America” President Donald Trump will be putting on in D.C. tomorrow, voting concerns that it appears to politicize the armed forces on a day when the nation traditionally toasts its independence in a nonpartisan environment.

Also, thanks to the amazing (albeit HOT) weather, the holiday is shaping up to be very busy indeed. Expect crowds at popular beaches, campsites, hiking trails etc.

Also about 20,000 people are expected to be at the Empire State Plaza for food, music, dancing and of course, fireworks to celebrate the Glorious Fourth.

Here’s a list of what’s open and closed in the Capital Region tomorrow.

A new Siena poll finds that 71 percent of New Yorkers describe themselves as patriotic.

A truck crashed on the New Jersey side of the Lincoln Tunnel this afternoon, injuring a number of people and wrecking the preholiday trip home for thousands of commuters.

Luis G. Alvarez, a former New York City police detective and activist who pushed Congress to replenish the Sept. 11th Victim Compensation Fund, was laid to rest today.

Neither the governor nor the mayor of NYC attended Alvarez’s funeral.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo was in Albany today with no public events scheduled, according to the daily itinerary released by his press office. Today also happens to be the 53rd birthday of his girlfriend, Sandra Lee.

Boeing will pay out $100 million to help support the families and communities of people who died in two 737 Max crashes in the last year.

D.C. officials are pushing back against an unsubstantiated claim by Trump that he orchestrated a purge of homeless people to shield visiting foreign dignitaries from having to see them.

Trump said the Commerce Department is “absolutely moving forward” with the 2020 census citizenship question, contradicting statements made by his Department of Justice and Wilbur Ross, the Commerce secretary, and calling reports based on them “fake.”

State leaders have tapped 10 people for a task force that will create the rules governing the state’s new $100 million public campaign finance system. Here are all the members.

The wife of the driver killed in last year’s Schohorie limousine crash was charged with three felonies after the Warren County sheriff’s office said she under-reported her income in order to qualify for a public housing voucher.

A western New York man was arrested after police allegedly found 292 illegally kept reptiles inside his home — a seizure the state Department of Environmental Conservation says is the largest in state history.

An analysis issued this week by Moody’s found local government finances, primarily for towns and villages, will remain stable over the next two years.

The Albany County Nursing home, which was the focus of a lawsuit in May, is getting some much needed renovations.

Advance tickets to the 2019 Great New York State Fair go on sale next week at a discounted price, NYS Fair officials announced.

This might be worth traveling for.

Erie Count District Attorney John Flynn is the latest prosecutor to announce that his office will no longer pursue charges for individuals arrested for low-level possession of marijuana.

Photo credit: Discover Albany.



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