Rise and Shine, June 10, 2019

What a glorious weekend! We hope you got outside to enjoy some of the amazing weather – so rare for upstate, with low humidity and plenty of bright sunshine – and sampled the many events that took place across the region these past several days.

Sadly, all good things must end. And now it’s back to the grind, CivMixers.

The weather is matching our somewhat gray Monday mood, with cloudy skies in the forecast for Albany this morning, followed by rain in the evening – a 100 percent chance of rain that is. Bah. The high will be somewhere around 78 degrees, according to The Weather Channel, with a low of 60.

It’s pretty much the same situation in Troy, with an ever-so-slight deviation in the projected high (77 degrees). Ditto, for Schenectady, and Saratoga Springs, which might edge a hair closer to 80 degrees as the day progresses.

NOTE: I just got in from walking the dog, and so far, there’s quite a bit of sunshine out there. Here’s hoping it stays that way for a while, and the forecast isn’t correct – not to throw any shade at meteorologists, or anything.

Some headlines for your perusal as you kick off the work week…

Yassin Aref, an imam at an Albany mosque convicted of terrorism in a post-9/11 FBI sting, was deported last night, his son and lawyer said.

The dive tank at the Bethlehem Town Pool is closed for the summer after renovations discovered unforeseen structural issues. Construction will begin again in the fall but there remains a chance it won’t be worthwhile to resurrect.

Two big events in Albany – Art on Lark and the Pride Parade – took place this weekend.

Many floats in Sunday’s parade paid homage to the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots – that historic night in 1969, when many in Greenwich Village rioted at the Stonewall Inn — a bar known for its acceptance of many in the LGBTQ community, during a time when no one was safe if they were openly gay.

Also this weekend: The 12th annual Black & Latino gay pride celebration, which focused on equality for LGBTQ+ groups.

ICYMI: Last week, the governor announced the opening of the LGBTQ Pride Month exhibit entitled “Equality Will Never Be Silent,” which celebrates the New York State LGBTQ community and recognizes the meaningful political, cultural and artistic impacts of 16 LGBTQ New Yorkers.

A $1.9 million project to rebuild Church Street in Amsterdam won’t be started until 2020, even though state funding has been secured to pay for it.

While some taxi operators view ride-sharing companies as an existential threat to their future, at least one Schenectady cab company sees a growth opportunity despite the crowded transportation landscape.

If you missed last night’s Tony Awards, here’s a recap of who got what, and a rundown of who wore what on the red carpet.

Retired Red Sox star David Ortiz has reportedly been shot in the Dominican Republic, and a suspect has been detained by police, according to media in the Dominican Republic. He underwent surgery, and is in stable condition.

At the state Capitol, lawmakers and the governor will likely pick up the pace this week on talks to land a so-called “big ugly” end-of-session deal.

Several of the most prominent Democratic presidential hopefuls speaking at the Iowa Democratic Party’s annual Hall of Fame celebration yesterday used the opportunity to take veiled shots at the current frontrunner and former Vice President, Joe Biden, warning that a cautious platform could gift President Trump the 2020 race.

What’s the optimal age for a presidential candidate? This question is being hotly debated as Democrats try to sort out their crowded field.

The party’s 23 hopefuls include one of the youngest presidential candidates in modern history and the oldest one, spanning four generations — from 37-year-old Pete Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Ind., to 77-year-old Bernie Sanders, senator from Vermont.

Speaking of Buttigieg, he knows firsthand the burden of six-figure student loan debt. He and his husband, Chasten, together owe more than $130,000, which is bringing a new focus to this long-standing issue.

Photo credit: Fred Coffey.



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    Love the news recap! Concise and quick overview of a variety of topics. I feel like I have decent fodder for the water cooler tomorrow!


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