A Cocktail Perfect for Porch Season

When the weather reaches out to you and finally gives you a giant hug, you know porch season has begun.

My favorite way to kick it off is with as many friends as I can comfortably squeeze onto my porch plus five, a gentle breeze, sparkling lights, and a cocktail from my friend Richard. This year’s porch season was launched with a smooth, yet noble drink we’ve dubbed the “French 75.”

The French 75 is named for a piece of French artillery that was powerful yet with very little recoil – powerfully smooth, if you will – just like the cocktail created in 1915 by Harry MacElhone from the New York bar in Paris. Of course, you can enjoy porching in many ways, but there are a few more delightful ways than sharing one of Richard’s French 75s with a friend or two.

Richard was kind enough to share his recipe for two. But it’s incredibly easy to multiply for a crowd, and totally worth the effort.

Richard’s French 75
Cocktails for two (or more)

2 shots gin
1 shot lemon juice
1 shot simple syrup
– shake with ice until chilly
– strain into flutes
– top with champagne or other sparkling wine (for Ginnie this always, always means Prosecco)
– garnish with lemon peel
– enjoy on the porch with friends!

Richard’s tip: One sparkling split is the perfect amount for two drinks.
Ginnie’s tip: Invite more friends and go for the whole bottle.

Suggested listening: “You Go Down Smooth,” Lake Street Dive.



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